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Garage door springs are crucial part of the garage door operation especially extension springs. We at Mr. Garage Door Redmond WA undertake extensive garage door spring repair and replacement. Our service technicians do garage door spring replacement with complete safety as well as high performance.


Installing beautiful garage doors is our specialty along with repairing them. We are happy to assist you through the entire selection and installation process. There are many styles to choose from and our trained staff will work with you to choose the ideal residential or commercial garage door that fits your exact needs.


Whether you require a new garage door opener or an old one fixed or just have concerns, we can assist. Our extremely trained and experienced technicians can repair and upgrade your garage door opener no matter the problem and can advise on which option, fixing the existing opener or installing a new one, would be more cost-effective.


We repair all major brands and models, including Liftmaster, Linear, All-O-Matic, Sentex, Elite, Viking and Mighty Mule and carry parts in stock to get your electronic gate working again quickly! We provide quality gate repair services including automatic gate repair, gate opener repair, welding repairs for iron gates and access control repairs.

  • When my garage door suddenly got stuck late at night, I reached out to Mr. Garage Door for help. To my surprise, they had an emergency service that responded promptly to my distress call. Their quick and efficient repair not only saved me from a major inconvenience but also showcased their commitment to their customers. I'm grateful for their reliable service and would vouch for their assistance any day.
    Rachael Lara
    Redmond, WA
  • I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Garage Door when my garage door was malfunctioning. Their team displayed exceptional knowledge and expertise in diagnosing and repairing the issue promptly. Not only did they fix the problem, but they also provided valuable maintenance tips to prevent future issues. Their professionalism and dedication to quality service truly impressed me. I highly recommend Mr. Garage Door to anyone in need of reliable garage door solutions.
    Donna Harper
    Redmond, WA
  • Dealing with Mr. Garage Door was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Their team displayed a high level of professionalism and courtesy throughout the entire service. They patiently answered all my questions, provided a clear breakdown of the repair costs, and completed the job efficiently. It's refreshing to find a company that values their customers' satisfaction as much as they do.
    James Moon
    Kirkland, WA

We Fix Garage Doors!

When you need garage doors repaired by a skilled and experienced technician, you need to call Mr. Garage Door Redmond WA. A fast response to requests and quick and complete repairs make us a top choice for residential garage doors. We have been serving the Redmond, WA area in Washington for a number of years. We have developed a strong solid reputable foundation. We became very successful through word of mouth. Our customers are repeat customers, we make sure we do the best job possible to keep you coming back, and have you to continue to tell your friends and family about us. We take pride in the quality of our work. We have reasonable rates.

Mr. Garage Door technicians are licensed, insured and ready to fix doors and openers. We can diagnose problems fast. Our technicians are troubleshooting experts. We tighten and adjust garage door springs. A garage door opener may need to have the switch adjusted. Whichever the problem may be, our licensed and insured door technicians are sure to fix the problem.
We are committed to offering the highest quality service in Redmond, Washington. We pride ourselves on diligent work ethic and we seek to out-do ourselves with every opportunity we are given. Our aim is to make sure you are at peace knowing your garage doors repair service is in good hands. When you need the very best, you can count on Mr. Garage Doors Redmond WA. We repair all makes and models, all styles and sizes, of broken garage doors and openers.
We are locally owned and operated, so we treat every Redmond garage door repair project as if we were doing the work on our own homes. Our courteous, careful professionals can install a new garage door, replace an old one, or work out the problems an existing door might have.
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies and we work evenings and weekends at no extra charge. Our Redmond garage door technicians can handle 5-6 completed repairs a day individually, every day! We are garage door repair experts in our trade and can complete repairs quickly upon arrival. Our service trucks are fully stocked and ready for immediate dispatch.

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Garage Door Repair RedmondA well-functioning garage door is essential for the safety and security of your home. Whether you're dealing with a noisy door, a malfunctioning opener, or a door that won't close properly, addressing these issues promptly is crucial. In this article, we'll walk you through various aspects of garage door repair in Redmond, Washington, providing expert tips and insights to ensure your garage door operates smoothly.

Garage Door Repair Redmond WA: Troubleshooting and Solutions

Diagnosing Common Garage Door Issues

Is your garage door acting up? Here are some common problems and their potential solutions:

  • Noisy Operation: If your garage door is making excessive noise during operation, it could be due to rusty hardware. Apply a lubricant to the springs, hinges, and rollers to reduce friction and noise.
  • Door Sticks While Opening or Closing: This issue might indicate a misaligned track. Inspect the tracks and gently tap them back into position using a rubber mallet.
  • Unresponsive Opener: If your remote control or keypad isn't working, check the batteries first. If the issue persists, reprogram the opener following the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Uneven Closing: An uneven closing could be due to worn-out springs. Replace them to ensure balanced movement.

Essential Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of your garage door and prevent unexpected issues. Here's what you can do:

  • Regular Inspections: Conduct visual inspections of the door's hardware, tracks, and springs. Look for signs of wear and tear and address them promptly.
  • Lubrication: Apply a silicone-based lubricant to all moving parts to keep them running smoothly.
  • Weather Stripping: Check the weather stripping along the bottom of the door. Replace it if it's cracked or damaged to keep out drafts and debris.
  • Balance Check: Test the door's balance by disconnecting the opener and manually lifting the door. It should stay open around three to four feet above the ground. If not, the springs might need adjustment.

Professional Garage Door Repair Services in Redmond WA

While DIY maintenance is essential, some issues require professional intervention. When searching for garage door repair services in Redmond WA, keep these factors in mind:

  • Experience and Expertise: Choose a company with a proven track record in the industry. Experienced technicians are more likely to diagnose and fix issues accurately.
  • Customer Reviews: Read online reviews and testimonials to gauge the quality of service provided by the company.
  • Prompt Response: A reputable company should offer timely responses to your inquiries and be available for emergency repairs.
  • Transparent Pricing: Look for a company that provides transparent pricing with no hidden fees.
  • Warranty: Ensure that the repair work comes with a warranty, which reflects the company's confidence in their service quality.

FAQs about Garage Door Repair in Redmond WA

How often should I lubricate my garage door's moving parts?

Regular lubrication is essential for smooth operation. It's recommended to lubricate the moving parts every six months.

Can I replace a garage door spring on my own?

Garage door spring replacement can be dangerous due to the high tension involved. It's advisable to seek professional assistance for this task.

Why is my garage door reversing as soon as it touches the floor?

This issue is often related to the garage door opener's safety sensors. Make sure they're clean and properly aligned.

What's the average lifespan of a garage door?

With proper maintenance, a garage door can last for about 15 to 30 years, depending on the material and usage.

My garage door is making a grinding noise. What could be the problem?

A grinding noise might indicate a worn-out or damaged roller. It's best to have a professional technician inspect and replace the roller if needed.

How can I enhance the security of my garage door?

Consider installing a garage door opener with rolling code technology, which generates a new code each time the door is operated. Additionally, reinforce the door with a deadbolt or security bar.

A well-maintained garage door is essential for the security, convenience, and curb appeal of your home. By following the troubleshooting tips, carrying out regular maintenance, and seeking professional assistance when needed, you can ensure that your garage door operates seamlessly for years to come. Remember, a little preventive care goes a long way in avoiding costly repairs and inconveniences.

Garage Door Spring Repair Redmond WA

Welcome to our dedicated garage door repair services in Redmond, WA. At Mr. Garage Door, we take immense pride in offering top-tier garage door spring repair solutions that not only restore the functionality of your garage door but also ensure the safety and security of your property. With years of experience, a team of skilled professionals, and a commitment to excellence, we have established ourselves as the go-to experts for all your garage door needs.

The Importance of Timely Garage Door Spring Repair

A malfunctioning garage door can disrupt your daily routine and pose significant safety risks. When your garage door springs are damaged or worn out, it's crucial to address the issue promptly. Ignoring these problems could lead to more extensive and expensive repairs down the line. Our expert technicians specialize in diagnosing spring-related issues accurately and offering tailored solutions that fit your needs and budget.

Our Expert Garage Door Spring Repair Services

Spring Inspection and Assessment

Our first step in the repair process involves a comprehensive inspection of your garage door springs. We carefully assess the extent of the damage, identify any underlying issues, and determine whether repair or replacement is the best course of action.

Precision Spring Replacement

In cases where the garage door springs are severely damaged or beyond repair, our skilled technicians excel at performing precise spring replacements. We use high-quality springs that are designed for durability and optimal performance, ensuring your garage door operates smoothly and safely for years to come.

Balancing and Adjustment

Properly balanced springs are essential for the smooth operation of your garage door. Our team specializes in fine-tuning the tension and balance of the springs, allowing your door to open and close seamlessly without straining the motor or other components.

Preventive Maintenance

At Mr. Garage Door, we believe in proactive measures to prevent future issues. Our maintenance services include regular inspections, lubrication, and adjustments to keep your garage door springs in excellent condition. This approach helps extend the lifespan of your springs and reduces the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise and Experience

Our team of technicians is highly skilled and experienced in handling a wide range of garage door spring issues. We stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and repair techniques to ensure that you receive the best service possible.

Customer-Centric Approach

We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. From the moment you contact us to the completion of the repair, we strive to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience. Our friendly staff is always available to address your questions and concerns.

Quality and Reliability

When it comes to garage door repairs, quality is paramount. We source our replacement parts from reputable manufacturers, ensuring that the components we use are durable and long-lasting.

Affordable Solutions

We understand that garage door repairs can be unexpected expenses. That's why we offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our services. Our transparent pricing structure means you won't encounter any hidden costs.

Contact Us for Exceptional Garage Door Spring Repair in Redmond, WA

Don't let a malfunctioning garage door disrupt your routine or compromise your safety. Contact Mr. Garage Door for reliable and efficient garage door spring repair services in Redmond, WA. Our team is ready to assess, diagnose, and address any spring-related issues to get your garage door back in optimal working condition.

Garage Door Opener Repair Redmond WA

At Mr. Garage Door, we pride ourselves on being the foremost experts in garage door opener repair in Redmond, WA. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing top-notch services that guarantee the smooth functionality and longevity of your garage door opener. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of garage door openers, common issues that arise, and the unparalleled solutions we offer to ensure your garage door operates flawlessly for years to come.

Understanding Garage Door Openers: A Brief Overview

A garage door opener is a crucial component of any modern garage, providing convenience and security. These systems utilize advanced mechanisms to automate the process of opening and closing your garage door. They consist of several key parts, including:

  • Motor: The heart of the garage door opener, the motor generates the necessary power to move the door.
  • Drive System: There are three main types of drive systems: chain-drive, belt-drive, and screw-drive, each with its unique characteristics.
  • Remote Control: A handheld device that allows you to open and close the garage door from a distance.
  • Safety Sensors: These sensors detect obstacles in the door's path, preventing accidents and damage.

Common Garage Door Opener Issues

Over time, even the most reliable garage door openers can experience issues. Some of the common problems you might encounter include:

Loud Noises:

If your garage door opener is making unusual noises such as grinding or screeching, it could be due to worn-out components or lack of lubrication.

Inconsistent Movement:

If your garage door opens or closes unevenly or jerks during operation, it might be a sign of misaligned tracks or a faulty motor.

Remote Control Malfunction:

If your remote control isn't working consistently, it could be due to signal interference or battery issues.

Door Reversal:

If your garage door reverses immediately after touching the ground, the close limit switch might need adjustment.

Our Expert Solutions

At Mr. Garage Door, we take pride in offering comprehensive solutions to address these common issues and more. Our team of skilled technicians follows a meticulous process to ensure your garage door opener functions flawlessly:

Thorough Inspection:

We start by conducting a detailed inspection of your garage door opener system, identifying any underlying issues that might be affecting its performance.

Precise Repairs:

Our technicians are equipped with the expertise and tools to carry out precise repairs, addressing everything from motor issues to sensor malfunctions.

Component Replacement:

In cases where certain components are beyond repair, we offer high-quality replacements to restore your garage door opener's functionality.

Maintenance and Lubrication:

To prevent future problems, our team performs regular maintenance and ensures all moving parts are adequately lubricated for smooth operation.

The Mr. Garage Door Advantage

Choosing [Your Company Name] for your garage door opener repair needs in Redmond, WA, comes with a range of benefits:

  • Expertise: Our team comprises seasoned professionals with years of experience in garage door opener systems.
  • Prompt Service: We understand the urgency of a malfunctioning garage door, which is why we offer swift and efficient repair services.
  • Quality Parts: We use only the highest quality parts for repairs and replacements, ensuring the longevity of your garage door opener.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, and we strive to exceed your expectations with every service.

When it comes to garage door opener repair in Redmond, WA, Mr. Garage Door stands as the industry leader. Our comprehensive solutions, expert technicians, and commitment to quality set us apart from the competition. Don't let a malfunctioning garage door opener inconvenience you any longer – reach out to us today for unparalleled repair services that will restore the smooth operation of your garage door. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to serving you.

Garage Door Installation Redmond WA

When it comes to your home's exterior, the garage door plays a significant role. It's not just an entryway for vehicles; it's a gateway that reflects your home's personality and provides security. A well-chosen garage door can enhance your home's aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Why Garage Door Installation Matters

Garage door installation isn't just about having a functional door; it's about creating an inviting entrance that complements your home's architectural style. A well-installed garage door can increase your home's value and curb appeal, making it a worthy investment.

Choosing the Right Garage Door

Selecting the perfect garage door involves considering factors like material, style, insulation, and security features. Whether you prefer the classic charm of wooden doors or the low-maintenance benefits of steel, there's a wide array of options to suit your preferences.

Benefits of Professional Installation

While DIY projects can be satisfying, garage door installation is best left to professionals. Their expertise ensures proper installation, minimizing risks and ensuring the door functions smoothly for years to come.

Step-by-Step Garage Door Installation Process

  1. Initial Assessment: Professionals assess your garage space and recommend suitable door options.
  2. Preparation: Existing doors are removed, and the area is prepared for installation.
  3. Installation: The new door, tracks, and opener are installed meticulously.
  4. Testing: The door's balance, safety features, and remote functionality are thoroughly tested.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

To prolong the life of your garage door, regular maintenance is crucial. Lubricating moving parts, inspecting for wear and tear, and keeping the tracks clean can prevent costly repairs down the line.

Enhancing Security with Modern Garage Doors

Modern garage doors come with advanced security features like rolling code technology and smartphone-controlled access, adding an extra layer of protection to your home.

Garage Doors and Energy Efficiency

Insulated garage doors not only regulate the temperature within your garage but also contribute to overall energy efficiency by preventing heat or cold from seeping into your home.

Customization Options for Unique Styles

From colors and finishes to window placements and decorative hardware, you can customize your garage door to match your home's style and your personal taste.

DIY vs. Professional Installation: Pros and Cons

While a DIY installation might seem cost-effective, professional installation offers precision, expertise, and warranties that safeguard your investment.

Factors Affecting Garage Door Installation Cost

The cost of installation can vary based on factors such as the door's material, size, insulation, additional features, and the complexity of the installation process.

Signs You Need a Garage Door Replacement

Squeaky operation, visible damage, and outdated appearance are indicators that it might be time to consider a new garage door installation.

A garage door installation is a multifaceted decision that blends style, security, and functionality. By choosing the right door and opting for professional installation, you can transform your home's exterior and enjoy the convenience it brings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Garage Door Installation

Q: Can I install a garage door myself?

A: While possible, professional installation is recommended for optimal results and safety.

Q: How long does the installation process take?

A: Depending on the complexity, it can take a few hours to a full day.

Q: Are insulated garage doors worth it?

A: Yes, they offer temperature regulation and energy efficiency benefits.

Q: What materials are garage doors typically made of?

A: Common materials include steel, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Q: Can I add windows to my garage door?

A: Yes, many garage door styles offer window customization options.

Best Garage Door Company in Redmond WA

Mr. Garage Door in Redmond, Washington, is a prominent and trusted name in the realm of garage door services. With its headquarters nestled in the heart of Redmond, WA, this locally owned and operated company has been catering to the garage door needs of the community for over a decade. Renowned for its exceptional service and commitment to quality, Mr. Garage Door has become a go-to destination for homeowners and businesses alike seeking professional garage door solutions.

Led by a team of experienced and skilled technicians, Mr. Garage Door offers a comprehensive range of services that encompass installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement of garage doors and their components. Whether it's a residential property or a commercial establishment, the company has the expertise to handle various types of garage doors, from traditional to modern designs.

One of the distinguishing factors that set Mr. Garage Door apart is its customer-centric approach. The company places a strong emphasis on understanding the unique requirements of each client and tailoring their services accordingly. This personalized touch ensures that customers receive garage door solutions that align with their preferences, budget, and functional needs.

The services offered by Mr. Garage Door extend beyond just fixing or installing garage doors. They also excel in providing advice and recommendations to clients, guiding them in making informed decisions about garage door materials, designs, insulation options, and security features. This consultative approach showcases their dedication to not just completing a transaction, but building lasting relationships with their customers.

In addition to their technical expertise, Mr. Garage Door is committed to using high-quality materials and components in their work. This commitment ensures the longevity and reliability of their services, contributing to the safety and satisfaction of their clients.

Another notable aspect of Mr. Garage Door's operation is its swift and responsive service. The company understands that garage door issues can be urgent and disruptive, and therefore, they strive to provide timely assistance to address any emergency garage door repairs.

Community involvement is also a cornerstone of Mr. Garage Door's philosophy. They actively participate in local initiatives, supporting events and causes that enhance the well-being of the Redmond community.

All in all, Mr. Garage Door in Redmond, Washington, stands as a testament to dedication, expertise, and customer-centric values. Through their exceptional garage door services, they have earned a solid reputation as a reliable partner for all things related to garage doors, serving the community with professionalism and care.

Mr. Garage Door Redmond, WA is a locally owned company. We would love to help you repair your overhead door issues, no matter how big or small. Our garage door technicians are well trained and they can repair all garage doors of all significant brand names such as Clopay, Craftsman, Genie, Amarr, Sears, CHI Doors, Wayne Dalton and LiftMaster. We offer our fast-response, budget friendly garage door services in Redmond, Washington.

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